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Handbook & Supply Lists

Osseo Area Schools standardizes the elementary school handbook for all sites.

Core Values: We believe that...

  • lifelong learning is essential for the individual and community to thrive;
  • everyone has equal intrinsic value;
  • trust is essential to sustaining successful relationship and to achieve results;
  • better decisions emerge when diverse perspectives are intentionally included in a collaborative process;
  • everyone benefits when cultural differences are acknowledged and understood, and individuals are treated respectfully and equitable; and
  • everyone can learn more.

View District Elementary Family Handbook

Supply Lists

Welcome to Oak View! We will be buying the main school supplies for our whole student body with a suggested donation of $20/student to be brought to Open House. Backpacks, headphones, and tennis shoes are to be bought by the caregiver. If you have any questions, please contact the front office.

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Oak View Policies & Procedures