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Oak View Elementary School hosts family STEM night

Oak View Elementary School hosts family STEM night

The staff and parent teacher organization at Oak View Elementary School was hard at work recently, pulling off the first annual STEM night. Scholars and families joined in to participate in STEM activities, eat dinner from two food trucks and see their teachers dressed up in lab coats.

Scholars and their families participated in various STEM related activities, including folding and flying paper airplanes, static electricity experiments, flower dissection, balloon rocket competition, periodic table word scramble, trick your five senses, shape strength challenge, simple circuits experiment, ping-pong ball launcher, popsicle stick catapult and creating terrific terrariums. In the media center, scholars could hold a snake and learn about light exploration, magnets and music. A live chemistry show took place in the cafeteria. 

In the gym, various stations were set up by the Mathnasium, including Mancaid, Connect Four, strategy and logic sticks, quick chess, brain teasers, flash math, chances are, code breaker and forehead math. The Crimson robotics team was at the event to work the Mathnasium stations and give scholars the opportunity to test drive a robot.

a teacher in scientist gear conducting an experiment
A girl holding a snake
A gym full of people at different stations
A family doing an activity around a table
A boy holding a balloon to his head
A student making a terrarium