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District elementary schools host end of the school year events

District elementary schools host end of the school year events

The end of the school year is always filled with fun events at schools across the district. Here are a few events that have taken place at elementary schools over the last few weeks!

Basswood Elementary School

Third, fourth and fifth graders from Basswood Elementary participated in a Decathlon on June 3. The students competed in a variety of activities, including a 40 yard dash, shuttle run, hurdles, javelin throw, relay race, potato sack race, long jump, water balloon shot put, football kick and goal kick. 

Students participating in field day events

Crest View Elementary School

Crest View Elementary hosted a family barbeque event so the school’s families could come in and enjoy an outdoor lunch and community building with their students. 

a group of students gather around a baby brother at a BBQ
students eat at a BBQ with their parents

Edinbrook Elementary School

Edinbrook Elementary students celebrated the end of the school year with a fun field day event, which featured activities like tug of war, jousting with pool noodles on a low balance beam, hurdles, three-legged races and more. 

two students play tug of war
two students joust with pool noodles

Elm Creek Elementary School

Students at Elm Creek Elementary recently participated in Camp Baldwin. Activities included a water balloon toss, making structures with marshmallows, flashlight reading under the stars, an ice cream social and various crafts. 

student reading with flashlight

Fernbrook Elementary School 

Fernbrook Elementary students recently put their skills to the test, with kindergarten through third graders participating in Super Kids Day and fourth and fifth graders competing in a track and field day. The students all participated in a number of interactive outdoor activities on May 30 and 31.

Students participating in field day events

Palmer Lake Elementary School

Fourth grade students at Palmer Lake Elementary spent the last four weeks of the school year on an interdisciplinary learning project about plastic. They then presented their findings to family and other students on May 30 and 31. 

The unit combined math, science, art and music to help students find the answers to three questions:

  • What impact does plastic have on our lives?
  • How does one person affect the environment?
  • How can one person make a difference in the community? 
visitors gather around a presenter

Park Brook Elementary School

Upon their return from a field trip to Theodore Wirth Park, Park Brook Principal Scott Taylor set out as grillmaster and cooked up a picnic lunch for the school’s fifth grade students, with the help of his office staff. 

Park Brook principal puts a hot dog on a student's plate

Rice Lake Elementary School

Rice Lake Elementary celebrated the end of the school year with a fifth grade send off event on May 31. The ceremony included an opening speech, a reader from each fifth grade class and the presentation of certificates. 

“It is important to remain curious, to wonder at life and to see what you can transform in our community and in our world,” principal Diane Bagley told the fifth graders. “Education will empower you to make the change you want to make in the world.”

students in chairs

Rush Creek Elementary School

First graders at Rush Creek Elementary took a bite out of reading with a Rush Creek Reading Restaurant in their library media center. The students first went over restaurant etiquette. They sat down at their tables and had a magazine for an appetizer, followed by an animal book for their main course and a book about food for dessert. The students were all presented with a bookmark at the end of their dining session as their “bill.” 

Students reading in a library

Zanewood Community: A STEAM School

Zanewood Community: A STEAM School hosted a family barbeque event so the school’s families could come in and enjoy an outdoor lunch as a school community and show off the school’s beautiful garden area. 

a family smiles at a BBQ
a mother and son smile at a BBQ