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Building a Better Future: Make a plan to vote!

Building a Better Future: Make a plan to vote!

In about two weeks, our Osseo Area Schools community will determine the long-term direction of school safety, learning and technology. Make a plan to vote:

No matter if you choose to vote early or on election day, please know that the Building a Better Future referendum questions are near the end of the ballot. In some cases, question one is on page one and question two on page two. 

Get informed! Remember: 

  • Question 1 focuses on learning: Continue day-to-day learning operations and enhance individualized learning, academic interventions, scholar mental health needs and other critical classroom supports. 
  • Question 2 focuses on technology: Continue classroom learning technology, infrastructure systems and support staff. Additionally prioritize school safety and security, tools for all scholars and digital learning spaces. 

If approved by voters, Building a Better Future would bring the district’s new strategic plan – our commitment to giving scholars the educational experience they desire and deserve – to life

So what happens if the referendum fails? If questions one and two aren't approved by voters, $5 million would need to be cut in 2023-24 and then $49 million (450 staff members cut) in 2024-25. Results: insufficient safety/security, increased class sizes and diminished academic support to name a few.

School funding has long been a partnership between state and federal governments, and local communities. Increasing educational costs and the low number of financial resources given by the state, have created an environment where the majority of Minnesota school districts have voter-approved operating levies (local funding by community members). 

For additional information watch the short overview video, visit, email or call 763-391-8990. 

Thank you for your continued efforts in sharing Building a Better Future referendum and voting information with family, friends and neighbors.